CarbonTRACC Founder Fergal Mee Named Speaker at Reuters Events: Responsible Business Europe 2024

We at CarbonTRACC are thrilled to announce that our founder, Fergal Mee, has been named as one of the distinguished speakers at the Reuters Events: Responsible Business Europe conference, scheduled for June 11-12, 2024. This prestigious event brings together some of the industry’s most influential leaders to delve into critical discussions surrounding sustainability, corporate responsibility, and the future of business. 

With the theme of integrating sustainability across organizations for impactful change, this year’s conference aims to address pressing issues such as data collection, analysis, and management, navigating reporting regulation, achieving net-zero emissions, and crafting authentic, impact-driven communications. 

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Key Topics Include: 

  1. Companywide Buy-In for Sustainability Integration: Discover strategies to garner support for sustainability initiatives across all levels of your organization and incentivize employees to spearhead sustainable practices that foster growth and opportunities.
  2. Data Collection, Analysis, and Management: Learn how leading companies are leveraging accurate and transparent data to gain deeper insights into their environmental impacts, including Scope 3 emissions, to meet regulatory requirements effectively.
  3. Navigating Reporting Regulation: Gain insights from corporate peers, standard setters, and industry experts on navigating evolving regulations and preparing your business and value chain for a sustainable future.
  4. Delivering a Net Zero Business: Explore the latest technologies, investments, and nature-based solutions that can facilitate and accelerate the transition to a net-zero business model.
  5. Authentic, Impact-Driven Communications: Understand how to effectively communicate sustainability efforts with clear, digestible, and engaging messages that resonate with investors, employees, and customers alike.

The conference will feature expert speakers from diverse business functions, offering insights on integrating sustainability seamlessly across organizations and driving critical business transitions. In a rapidly changing landscape marked by new regulations and heightened expectations, it’s crucial for companies to strike a balance between growth and sustainability integration. 

Why Attend Responsible Business Europe 2024? 

The effective integration of sustainability is no longer just an option; it’s an urgent business imperative. With the arrival of regulations like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), companies are compelled to act and ensure a collective commitment to deliver transformative change. 

Responsible Business Europe provides a platform for senior business leaders, industry experts, and regulatory bodies to come together, offering market-leading solutions to the challenges faced by responsible business leaders today. This year’s cross-functional speaker lineup will outline actionable strategies for integrating sustainability across organizations, fostering impactful change, and showcasing true business leadership. 

Join us at Reuters Events: Responsible Business Europe 2024 as we navigate regulatory upheaval, unite businesses, and cultivate change for a sustainable future where both our businesses and our planet thrive. 


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