Net Zero in Primary Care – Supporting The NHS with Decarbonization

We’re thrilled to share that Carbon TRACC are proudly collaborating with Williams Medical, Health Innovation East, and Phase Change Solutions, Inc. in the upcoming webinar: “Net Zero in Primary Care – Supporting the NHS with Decarbonization.”

🗓️ Save the Date: Wed, Jan 24, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM GMT

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In this informative session, you’ll delve into crucial topics:

  • NHS Net Zero Targets: Understanding and navigating the sustainability goals set by the NHS.
  • Drug Waste and The Associated Implications: Exploring the environmental impact of drug waste and the need for sustainable solutions.
  • Introduction of The Apollo Panel: Unveiling a revolutionary tool for carbon reduction in healthcare.
  • How Does The Apollo Panel Work?: A detailed look into the workings of this innovative solution.
  • Validation by the expert Carbon TRACC team: Assurance of the carbon credentials of the Apollo Panel, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and reliability.

Hosted by Williams Medical, Health Innovation East, oursleves, and Phase Change Solutions, Inc., this webinar promises a deep dive into sustainable practices, with a focus on actionable strategies for achieving a greener healthcare sector.

🌐 About Health Innovation East:

Health Innovation East is an integral part of the NHS national network, uniting all stakeholders in the health sector. Committed to turning great ideas into positive health impact, Health Innovation East emphasizes collaboration among citizens, academia, health services, and industry to achieve more collectively.

The Eastern region, home to unparalleled scientific advancements and brilliant healthcare practitioners, holds the promise of creating better outcomes and more prosperity through collaboration.

Join us in this groundbreaking event as Carbon TRACC continues to pave the way for sustainable healthcare solutions.

Together, let’s make a positive impact on the environment and the future of healthcare.

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