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Fergal Mee is a seasoned environmental professional. Fergal has worked in the ISO 14064, Carbon Emissions, Engineering and Climate Change sectors for many decades.  Carbon TRACC  was set up with a dedicated team of like minded environmentalists in early 2023.  Carbon TRACC aims to continue supporting the many organisations that wish to work commercially while at the same time not adversely affecting the environment, climate change and carbon emissions.

Education & Work

Fergal is an Engineering and Environmental Science graduate. His journey began as the Environmental Manager in a large multi-national in the late 1980’s.  He has many years experience in ISO 14001 compliance. As well as, emissions management and resource efficiency.   

He has worked in Environmental Management, ISO 14064 training, Sustainability and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) management in many sectors for well over two decades. His dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices has positioned him as a respected voice in the carbon emissions and ISO14064 areas globally.

He has been delivering comprehensive GHG training courses as per the ISO 14064 since 2008. Including parts 1, 2, and 3 standards.  Fergal trained more students in ISO14064 courses than any other provider since 2008.  Consequently, he is well respected as the foremost trainer in the updated ISO GHG standards. Fergal has been instrumental in guiding many organisations towards a more sustainable yet more profitable position. Therefore, giving them commercial advantage over their competitors. 

Fergal is a firm believer in continuous improvement. He has added to his experience in GHG projects, Carbon emissions validation and verification processes over the last 20 years.  He has worked across many countries including the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, North, Central and South Africa, China, and many more.  Therefore, his international assignments have  enriched his expertise greatly. Furthermore, they have contributed significantly to his ability to deliver high quality carbon emissions training to numerous international clients and governmental bodies. 

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