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Carbon TRACC, founded by Fergal Mee and his team of ISO 14064 & climate change specialists, is a leading provider of Carbon Emissions management including Training and Consultancy in the UK and Ireland.  Furthermore, Fergal and his team have together trained the largest number of CSA course attendees globally since 2008.  Carbon TRACC have training centres and offices in London, Dublin and Cork.

What is Carbon TRACC? And what does Carbon TRACC mean? CarbonTRACC, derives its name from a profound commitment to the principles that underpin our work in carbon (GHG) accounting, Transparency, Relevancy, Accuracy, Completeness, and Consistency. Read More 

The prestigious Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has approved Carbon TRACC to deliver their suite of three CSA developed ISO 14064 training courses.  Fergal Mee is our lead instructor and he works exclusively with the Carbon TRACC organisation and is contactable at our London office 0n 0044 20 4534 7550. In addition, Fergal is recognised globally as a leading expert in ISO 14064, Carbon Emissions and Climate Change, having worked in this area since 2006.  He leads both the Carbon TRACC consultancy and Training teams in the delivery of expert services to clients nationally and internationally.

Click here for details and dates for our PUBLIC courses: Courses are delivered internationally in the classroom or virtually.  Our PUBLIC course dates are included on this page.   We also deliver IN-HOUSE courses for organisations internationally. Contact us for details.

Click here for Carbon Emissions Consultancy services:  Our consultancy pages include services such as carbon foot printing and quantification services; carbon reduction project management; carbon validation and verification services and more. Call us for details.

All Climate Change and Carbon Emissions courses are CSA Approved and based on ISO 14064

Our ISO 14064, Carbon Emissions and Sustainability Courses

Carbon Emissions Management

Greenhouse Gas Measuring Course – ISO 14064-1

This Carbon Foot Printing course outlines the principles and criteria for organizations to measure, quantify and report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas and Environmental Impact Course – ISO 14064-2

Our Carbon Reduction Projects course outlines in some detail how to implement and prepare for successful validation ad verifications of authentic and effective greenhouse gas emission reduction projects and also carbon dioxide removals projects

Greenhouse Gas Statement Validation, and Verification Course – ISO 14064-3

Part 3 of the standard outlines methods and principles for validating and verifying greenhouse gas (GHG) statements, plus related guidance.

Each training session of these courses are highly interactive and includes:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Class and small group discussions
  • Practical work and exercises
  • Case studies

Our learning approach is didactic where the curriculum is structured such that

  • It encourages analytical reflection
  • The learning is grounded in experience
  • Student and lecturer experiences are shared

“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent ISO 14064-1 course you recently conducted. As a participant from Climate Matters, I found the three-day session to be incredibly insightful. Your clear explanations, well-paced delivery, and practical examples and activities greatly enhanced my understanding and made the learning experience both enjoyable and valuable.”

Mauricio Murta, Climate Matters Ltd
“I’m glad I took a Carbon Tracc course on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and I must say it was an exceptional experience.
 The course was well structured, comprehensive and easy to follow.
The practical examples and interactive exercises helped me better understand the concepts, and the course materials were expertly explained by the leading expert in the field, Mr Fergal. He never hesitates to encourage you and give you every possible explanation to ensure your satisfaction.
The course covered a wide range of topics, including GHG accounting and the validation and verification of GHG projects.
I found the course very informative and practical, and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about GHG emissions reduction and certification. “
Giselle Bamundekere , MANERGY Group

“…I would highly recommend CarbonTracc and Fergal if looking to complete an ISO 14064 course”

Stefan Jindra, Sustainability Coordinator, The James Hutton Institute

Why Choose Us?

Carbon TRACC is a leading provider of Carbon consultancy services, Carbon Training Courses, and management of carbon projects and GHG Inventories that conform to ISO 14064 Standards and are aligned with the GHG Protocol in the UK and Ireland.

Carbon TRACC delivers hands on classroom training in carbon quantification, verification and management of carbon projects that conforms with the global standard – ISO 14064 and the GHG protocol. We also deliver online or remote training on these courses.

Carbon TRACC has entered a strategic alliance agreement with CSA Group, and Carbon TRACC is now licensed to deliver CSA/ISO 14064 GHG training. Carbon TRACC has the rights to deliver CSA’s ISO 14064 suite of three training courses.


What We Do?

We have also worked with various stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations, to help them develop and implement effective strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate the impact of climate change. Their expertise in this field has enabled them to deliver successful projects, including carbon footprint assessments, emission reduction strategies, and carbon offsetting initiatives.

Carbon TRACC’s technical expertise and experience in working with GHG programs across multiple regions has positioned them as a leading provider of carbon management solutions, helping clients to reduce their environmental impact while achieving sustainable business operations.


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